Details of Bible Translations and their Sources

Here’s a listing of many of the better known Bible versions and translations, giving helpful information about each one.

If you’re looking for a specific version or translation that isn’t listed, please let us know.  We’d be pleased to research it for you.

Explanation of Abbreviations

In the Abbr column we show the (usually three letter) abbreviation by which this translation is often referred to.

In the OT Source column we show some of the major sources for Old Testament translations :

BHQ = Biblia Hebraica Quinta

BHS = Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia

Mas T = Masoretic Text

In the NT Source column we show some of the major sources for New Testament translations

Maj T = Majority Text

NA = Nestle-Aland (NA) Novum Testamentum Graece (Critical Text)

TR = Textus Receptus

UBS = United Bible Societies

WH = Westcott and Hort


BibleAbbrPublishedOT SourceNT SourceComments
A Conservative VersionACV2012Translated by Dr Walter L PorterMaj T of Robinson/PierpontTheir OT is the basis for the MLV.
In the public domain.
Amplified BibleAMP2015Updated AMP-CUpdated AMP-CBased on the ASV
Amplified Bible (Classic)AMP-CNT 1958
complete 1965
rev 1987
Based on ASV and RSVBased on ASVRevision of the ASV.
Provides synonyms and explanations in brackets in the text
American Standard VersionASVNT 1900
OT 1901
1929 copyright renewal
Mas TWH, TregellesDerived from the RV
Now in public domain
Berean Study BibleBSB2016Mas T and broadly basedBroadly based
Blue Letter BibleBLB1996Evolved from KJVEvolved from KJV
Online and phone apps only
Christian Standard BibleCSB2017
rev 2020
BHSNA 28th ed
UBS 5th ed
Used by Southern Baptists
Common English BibleCEBNT 2010
OT 2011
BHS 4th ed
BHQ (5th ed)
NA 27th edOne of two approved translations at Fuller Theological Seminary.
Used by the Episcopal Church.
Confraternity Bible1941 (NT)
195201969 (OT)
Vulgate and Challoner-Rheims versionsWhen complete was the basis for the NAB.
Roman Catholic.
Contemporary English VersionCEVNT 1991
complete 1995
intended as an easier-to-read version of the GNB
Claims to be 10th most popular version in 2017.
Published by American Bible Socy.
English Standard VersionESV2001
rev 2007, 2011, 2016
BHS 5th ed 1997UBS 5th ed
NA 28th ed
Evolved from the RSV.
In 2013 became basis for the Gideons bible.
Used by Calvinists and Presbyterians.
Good News Bible
(Good News Translation, also Good News for Modern Man)
TEV (formerly)
NT 1966
complete 1976
NA 27th edFirst published 1966 as "Good News for Modern Man".
Formerly known as Today's English Version (TEV), renamed in 2001
Holman Christian Standard BibleHCSBNT 1999
complete 2004
rev 2009
BHSNA 27th edevolved to become the CSB in 2016.
International Standard VersionISV1998 (NT)
2011 (online)
soon (print version was scheduled for 2019)
BHSNA 27th edTheir website is down, possibly this organization is no longer?
Jerusalem BibleJB or TJB1966Mas TNA, some Maj TFor Roman Catholics. Based upon the 1956 French translation, La Bible de Jérusalem.
A complete new translation in 1985 is called the New Jerusalem Bible.
21st Century King James VersionKJ211994Mas TTRPrimarily an update to the KJV rather than a new translation, some more modern words
King James Version (Authorized Version)KJV1611
mainly Mas TTR, some Maj TUsed by Gideons until replaced by NKJV.
In broad use by protestant faiths.
Public domain in much of the world.
Lexham English BibleLEXNT 2010
OT 2011
SBL Greek New Testament (based on WH)
Green's Literal TranslationLITV
1985Mas TTRUses a literal formal equivalence approach.
Literal Standard VersionLSV2020mainly Mas Tmainly TRIs a major revision of the YLT.
Modern English VersionMEV
2014Mas TTRRevision of the KJV
Modern Literal VersionMLV1987
annual updates from 2013
Based on Porter's A Conservative Version, based on ASVMaj TInteresting crowdsourced approach to translating and correcting.
New American BibleNAB1970
rev 1986, 1991
Roman Catholic.
Evolved from the Confraternity Bible
New American Bible Revised EditionNABRE2011mainly BHS
UBS3/NA26Roman Catholic.
A new revision is scheduled for 2025.
New American StandardNASBNT 1963
complete 1971
rev 1977, 1995, 2020
BHS, BHQ when availableNA 28th edA revision of the ASV.
Used by evangelical protestants.
New English BibleNEBNT 1961
OT 1970
mainly Mas T per Biblia Hebraica (Kittel) 3rd edRVG Tasker Greek New Testament (1094)Evolved to become REB in 1989
New International VersionNIVNT 1973
OT 1978
rev 1984, 2011
mainly BHSUBS/NA (edition not specified)
New Jerusalem BibleNJB1985BHSNA 25th edRoman Catholic.
A substantially revised/redone Jerusalem Bible.
New King James VersionNKJVNT 1979
complete 1982
rev 1984
mainly BHS 1967/77TRUsed by Gideons until 2013 when ESV replaced it.
New Living TranslationNLT1996
2004, 2015
BHSNA 27th ed
UBS 4th ed
Originally intended as a revision of TLB but became an entire new work
New Revised Standard VersionNRSV1989
new edition projected Nov 2021
mainly BHSUBS 3rd ed
NA 27th ed
Update of RSV
New World TranslationNWTNT 1950
Complete 1961
BHWHA Jehovah's Witnesses Bible
Revised English BibleREB1989mainly Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (1967/77)mainly NA 27th edUnrelated to the 1877 Revised English Bible
An updated version of the NEB.
Revised Standard VersionRSVNT 1946
OT 1952
Latest 1977
mainly BHSNA 17th edAn update of the ASV.
Was also released in a Reader's Digest condensed version in 1982!
Revised Version
(English Revised Version)
NT 1881
OT 1885
Mas TPalmerOut of copyright so widely available but not very popular.
The Living BibleTLB1971Paraphrase of ASV by Kenneth N TaylorParaphrase of ASV by Kenneth N TaylorUsed by evangelical protestants; also a Roman Catholic version.
The MessageMSG2002A paraphrase by Eugene Peterson.
Today's New International VersionTNIVNT 2002
complete 2005
update of NIVupdate of NIVDiscontinued in 2011 when a new edition of NIV was released.
Young's Literal TranslationYLT1862
1888 (posthumous)
Mas TTRA very literal translation.