In the distant past of the internet (ie just a few years back) every website would have a links page with suggestions of similar sites to go visit.  These days, Google is so helpful that the need for link pages has greatly diminished.

But we thought we’d offer you one, as much as a way of creating a possible reading list of sites for you to go, visit, enjoy and learn from.  So, the following is a somewhat jumbled list of website links to other websites we sometimes visit and think you might also find helpful.

We suggest the first thing you do is click one of the column headings to sort the table by that column, either alphabetically from A to Z or (click a second time) from Z to A.

If you’d like to use the search box at the top of the table, that might help you if you’re looking for a specific site.

You’re welcome to suggest additional sites for us to add to this directory.

The (Online) Book of Common PrayerBiblesUS Episcopal Church version, 1789 and revised to 2006
Blue Letter BibleBiblesStudy and Research tools
Bible HubBiblesStudy and Research tools
Bible GatewayBiblesStudy and Research tools
Insight of the KingBiblesHas some gorgeous copies of early Bibles, even earlier than the 1611 KJV. Sells pages from old Bibles, (and complete ones, too).
Statement on Social Justice and the GospelTheology14 Fundamental statements of Christian Faith
Christian Bible Reference SiteTheologyApproachable site with lots of general information
ESVBiblesThe ESV Bible, readable online, apps, and print editions
Open BibleGeneralUseful research site
Open Bible Topical SearchGeneralType in a phrase and it will come up with suggested Bible verses on that phrase.
Got QuestionsGeneralAnswers to many common Christian questions
Bible ReasonsGeneralAnother site with good answers to many Christian/Biblical questions
The Council on Biblical Manhood and WomanhoodTheologyA US site setting out doctrinal statements and positions on some of the vexed modern issues of gender identity, sexuality, etc.
Truth or LieTheologyExcellent site that challenges conventional wisdom about some common errors in Christian doctrine.




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