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The only thing better than a book is a shelf full of books. And the only thing better than a shelf is an entire wall full of books.  Something about books brings out the collector in us.

We love books.  There’s something tremendously comforting about a well-bound well-printed book – the covers, the paper, the printing, and of course, the contents.  Bibles in particular are a wonderful reminder of an earlier age of book printing, with their soft leather (or leather-like-substitute!) covers, gilt edging, ribbons, and Smyth-sewn bindings.

Older books come with interesting history, and all books offer tantalizing promises of new knowledge and enjoyable time spent reading them.

Of course, many of us these days increasingly rely on technology.  Our larger Bibles weigh four or more pounds (2kg+) each, making them awkward to travel with (and we’re running out of shelf space too!).  Our  eBook readers can literally pack a ton or more of books into their under one pound forms.  While not generally as satisfying a reading experience, eBooks (and their sometimes lower prices) have opened up a whole new dimension to book reading and ownership.

One thing we do love about eBooks.  The ability to adjust type size and make it as large as we wish.  For many of us with aging eyes, traditional Bibles are printed in ridiculously small fonts to try and squeeze their ~750,000 words into an acceptable overall book size (normal books are about 75,000 words – one tenth the size).

Here’s an index of various, generally Christian-themed books and Bibles we’ve read and our reviews of them.  We’ll (of course) add to this from time to time.


Please see our detailed article, “A Buyer’s Guide to Bibles” to help you evaluate the suitability of Bibles to meet your needs.

(Actual Bible reviews will be coming soon)

Other Christian Books

Christ’s Call to Reform the Church, John MacArthur (reviewed Nov 2018)



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